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Our family began our granola baking obsession in 2019. It started as a way of sharing healthy, delicious food with friends and family. Everybody loved how fresh, light, and healthy our granola was. Nothing has brought us more joy than fueling our loved ones with high-quality, healthy foods. We moved to the Treasure Valley in 2022 and since then, we've been expanding our reach of Greenbelt Granola throughout our communities.

Our Granola

At Greenbelt Granola, we are committed to nurturing your well-being and the environment, which is why our granola is a true embodiment of health and sustainability. Every batch is a labor of love, as we combine heart-healthy oats and a delightful mix of protein-packed nuts and seeds.

Our all-natural approach means no artificial additives, flavors, or preservatives find their way into our granola. Instead, we let the flavors speak for themselves, celebrating the natural sweetness of honey drizzled over clusters of oats and seeds. As you taste each crunchy bite, you'll experience the culmination of our dedication to quality and community. The granola not only nourishes your body but also supports local farmers and businesses, fostering a stronger connection among neighbors and friends.

Whether enjoyed as a topping for your morning yogurt, a snack on the go, or a crunchy addition to your desserts, Greenbelt Granola promises to be a guilt-free pleasure that nourishes your body and soul. With each purchase, you're not just indulging in a delectable treat; you're also investing in your health, your community, and the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds us all.


Is your granola gluten free?

Yes! We use Idaho local certified gluten free oats from Happy Day Brands.

How much sugar is in your granola?

Just a touch. We take pride in making our granola very low in sugar (only 2-3g per serving!) and we never use any refined sugars.

Where can I find you?

You can find us in-person at the Boise Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm. We can also be found on the shelves of some local retailers such as The Mylk Box, Hillfort Farms, and The Boise Co-Op (starting Sept 2023!).

How can I get in touch?

Email us at or shoot us a text at 208-352-0686.